Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
56. Which of the following is the currency of Sri Lanka?
  A.  Taka
  B.  Rupee
  C.  Dinar
  D.  Yen
57. The biggest producer of Uranium in the world is
  A.  U.S.A.
  B.  France
  C.  Zaire
  D.  India

58. The largest Producer of Manganese in the world is
  A.  Argentina
  B.  U.S.A.
  C.  U.K.
  D.  U.S.S.R.
59. Which of the following countries leads the World in the production of rubber?
  A.  Brazil
  B.  Malaysia
  C.  Sri Lanka
  D.  Indonesia
60. The leading producer of Sulphur is
  A. Spain
  B. Canada
  C. Italy
  D. U.S.A.