Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
66. Central Road Research Institute is in
  A.  Bangalore
  B.  Delhi
  C.  Hyderabad
  D.  Roorkee
67. The Nobel Prize was first awarded in
  A.  1958
  B.  1969
  C.  1972
  D.  1976

68. The largest cocunut producing state in India is
  A.  Tamil Nadu
  B.  Andhra Pradesh
  C.  Karnataka
  D.  Kerala
69. Obra, where a large thermal power station has been built, is in
  A.  Bihar
  B.  Uttar Pradesh
  C.  Madhya Pradesh
  D.  Maharashtra
70. Which state has proportionately the largest area covered by forests?
  A. Arunachal Pradesh
  B. Bihar
  C. Nagaland
  D. Madhya Pradesh