Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
71. INSAT–2B was launched from
  A.  Thumba
  B.  Kourou
  C.  Moscow
  D.  Sriharikota
72. The biggest Public sector undertaking in the country is
  A.  Roadways
  B.  Railways
  C.  Airways
  D.  Iron&steel plants

73. Which city in India is the largest according to 1991 census?
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Chennai
  C.  Calcutta
  D.  Mumbai
74. The smallest country in South America is
  A.  Equador
  B.  Surinam
  C.  Guyana
  D.  Uruguay
75. The wind system in the equatorial areas is known as
  A. Monsoon
  B. Doldrums
  C. Trades
  D. Westerlies