Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
6. The human heart beat per minute at an average is
  A.  60
  B.  72
  C.  80
  D.  90
7. Seismograph is used to measure
  A.  Atomic explosion
  B.  Intensity of wind
  C.  The speed of light
  D.  Intensity of earthquake

8. The gas used in an electric bulb is
  A.  Inert gas
  B.  Hydrogen
  C.  Nitrogen
  D.  Oxygen
9. The Vitamin which is vital for clotting of blood is
  A.  Vitamin K
  B.  Vitamin A
  C.  Vitamin C
  D.  Vitamin D
10. Which of the following is a Land Locked State in India?
  A. Orissa
  B. West Bengal
  C. Karnataka
  D. Bihar