Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
96. The essential nutrient of soil is
  A.  Copper
  B.  Magnesium
  C.  Boron
  D.  Nitrogen
97. ------------- are the common constituents of all gases.
  A.  Protons
  B.  Neutrons
  C.  Electrons
  D.  None of the above

98. The region around South Pole is known as
  A.  Equator
  B.  Arctic
  C.  Antarctic
  D.  Capricorn
99. The state where monazite sand is found is
  A.  Tamil Nadu
  B.  Andhra Pradesh
  C.  Uttar Pradesh
  D.  Kerala
100. The famous king of Kushana dynasty was
  A. Kamarupa
  B. Kuvishka
  C. Kanishka
  D. Physya