Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
121. The headquarters of World Bank is situated at
  A.  Manila
  B.  Washington D.C.
  C.  New York
  D.  Geneva
122. Which of the following religions got spread in different parts of Asia?
  A.  Hinduism
  B.  Jainism
  C.  Buddhism
  D.  None of these

123. Which of the following rivers falls into the Bay of Bengal?
  A.  Periyar
  B.  Tapti
  C.  Krishna
  D.  Narmada
124. Acetyl salicyclic acid is commonly used as
  A.  A fertilizer
  B.  A sedative
  C.  Tear gas
  D.  A pain killer
125. Which State possesses two major ports in India?
  A. Orissa
  B. Gujarat
  C. Tamil Nadu
  D. Maharashtra