Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
11. The satellite Aryabhatta was built at
  A.  Hassan
  B.  Thumba
  C.  Bangalore
  D.  Sriharikota
12. The highest per capita income in the country goes to
  A.  Goa
  B.  Haryana
  C.  Punjab
  D.  Delhi

13. Nominal members in the Rajya Sabha are
  A.  4
  B.  6
  C.  12
  D.  16
14. The solar system belongs to the galaxy called
  A.  Radio galaxy
  B.  Milky way
  C.  Magellanic cloud
  D.  Andromedia nebula
15. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research is located at
  A. Trombay
  B. Talcher
  C. Kalpakkam
  D. Kothagudem