Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
21. The term of the Rajya Sabha members is
  A.  2 years
  B.  4 years
  C.  5 years
  D.  6 years
22. The boiling point of water, on the kelvin scale of temperature is
  A.  100
  B.  212
  C.  273
  D.  373

23. On which river the city Ludhiana is situated?
  A.  Ravi
  B.  Beas
  C.  Sutlej
  D.  Chenab
24. The Chinese Republic was proclaimed in the year
  A.  1948
  B.  1949
  C.  1947
  D.  1946
25. The National Library of India is located at
  A. Chennai
  B. Kolkata
  C. Bangalore
  D. New Delhi