Type : II Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : General Knowledge Questions and Answers
36. The largest State in area is
  A.  Andhra Pradesh
  B.  Rajasthan
  C.  Uttar Pradesh
  D.  Maharashtra
37. KLM is the airlines of
  A.  England
  B.  Germany
  C.  Thailand
  D.  Holland

38. Which of the following is the largest producer of tea?
  A.  Maharashtra
  B.  Orissa
  C.  Bihar
  D.  Assam
39. Jaundice is the disease of the
  A.  Liver
  B.  Eyes
  C.  Lungs
  D.  Heart
40. In India, the State known for its Sandalwood is
  A. Kerala
  B. Assam
  C. West Bengal
  D. Karnataka