Basic General Knowledge

basic general knowledge questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on GK.
111. Which of the following countries has never been the venue of Asian games?
  A.  Iran
  B.  Pakistan
  C.  China
  D.  Indonesia
112. The climate of India is of which of the following types?
  A.  Mediterranean
  B.  Tropical
  C.  Savanna
  D.  Monsoonal

113. Headquarters of the newly created South Western Railway Zone is located at
  A.  Bhopal
  B.  Jabalpur
  C.  Bangalore
  D.  Hubli
114. The year 1985 was declared as the International Year of
  A.  Blind
  B.  Children
  C.  Youth
  D.  Women
115. The United Nations Organisation came into existence on
  A.  Aug 30,1945
  B.  Jan 26, 1945
  C.  Dec 24, 1945
  D.  Oct 24, 1945