Famous Places

Indian Geography Questions
DIRECTIONS : Questions based on Famous places.
41. The Indian Institute of Science is located at
  A.  Madras
  B.  New Delhi
  C.  Kanpur
  D.  Bangalore
42. The largest and the oldest museum of India is located in the state/union territory of
  A.  New Delhi
  B.  West Bengal
  C.  Uttar Pradesh
  D.  Andhra Pradesh

43. Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education is located at
  A.  Bhopal
  B.  Karnal
  C.  Patiala
  D.  Gwalior
44. Where is the Railway Staff College located?
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Vadodara
  C.  Pune
  D.  Allahabad
45. Sun Temple is situated at which of the following places?
  A.  Haridwar
  B.  Konark
  C.  Kanyakumari
  D.  Vrindavan