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Education in India compared to Foreign nations?

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Joshy Ponathy,says Jan 23, 2014
We had a system called gurukula system in which practical knowledge was emphasised, now we are not supposed to go back. what we need is to focus on improving both the attittude of the teachers and the curriculam.
Elakya,says Jan 22, 2014
In my point of view, In foreign,the students are required to submit regular assignments and have projects in their cuuriculum, but in India, students just mugs up the syllabus in the textbooks without understanding the concepts and practical implementations and then vomit in the paper to score more marks. Mainly their aim to attain good rank, not to improve the knowledge.
Kiruba,says Jan 22, 2014
When the foreign education will take an one subject and depth knowledge from that subject and that system is esaly to improve, indian education is take an totally five subject and at a once time read all subject get confised not get an depth knowledge it is an different.
Basha,says Jan 09, 2014
India is lagging in practical knowledge. if we improve practical knowledge India will became one of the best country in the world.
Sai Kumar,says Dec 28, 2013
Our Indian education system needs to be changed and reformed here there is no practical knowledge in our education system. The education system is based on forward and back word class which is an hindrance, b/c backward class doesn’t get the quality education, Our education system doesn’t give the courage to face real lif situations. In terms of literacy India is one of those at the top of the world rankings A/c to the survey an Indian reads an avg. of almost 11 hours a weak.
Erik Ramrar,says Dec 27, 2013
Well friend what u all said is true. In my opinion Indian education can be par with the other foreign education but the problem is the population and the system of no practical question asked in the exam but exam when it ask always ask along with the option of theory and practical problem and also give the choice to choose either practical or theory. I wish 50 - 50 theory and practical done and taught respectively in the college than only Indian education will be as good as other nation institutions. Lastly technology and infrastructure need to be upgraded tremendously. To enhance the growth of the intuitive analytical knowledge of the students.
Muthu,says Dec 24, 2013
Hai,frds the education system of india is divided by 2. One is private instiuition another one is government instituition, we just say this two type of the institution, then what will be happen in tothis instituition. I told some points of its.we take the private instituition(schools,colleges)the teachers are selected talent vicely. Because the private institution name is spread into other place and states, speak about the institution the profit is goes to the institution then at the same thing we take the government instituition the relation between the proffessors and students is bad, in this institution have no aim because its government institution. When the day in this two institution. Take equal place ineducation system,,that day indian edu sys is try to move a top of the postion the world.
Pritesh Parab,says Dec 19, 2013
Today’s Education system is more like a business institutes. Taking Admission in a good school is a difficult task for parents. It develops pressure not only to child but parents too. And once you get the admission in the school parents are realizing that their ward is not getting the education up to mark as in school just syllabubs is taught and heavy projects are given to the ward which actually parents completes. So Today’s education according to me is becoming commercial. Today’s education as reformed which is good but the teachers should understand their duties and put concentration on the child who is studying rather then having private tuitions.
Pradeep gurjar ,says Dec 19, 2013
I am very happy to see this type of group discussion. I also want to join this group because i want to develop our sense of mind about india’s problems. As I can say that education system in india is not good than foreign country because practical knowledge is not provided by the india education system. It is based only theory. Our education system is such that all of students want to get good marks rather than develop practical knowledge.
Nithya ,says Dec 18, 2013
In my point of view indian education system is bad. This is depentent system like student depents on staff. But foreign education system is not dependent system.
Rajkumar Singh ,said Dec 06, 2013
We talk about education system in india indian youth & cultural activity take good knowledeg most of famous higher education research syllabus best book in subject as provide foreign countries research program not follow to every school natural plant or others thank you.
Nitin sankpal ,said Dec 06, 2013
Hello everyone. I just want to know why all of you talking about people who drain their brains from India to Abroad. As one said that 20‰ people are in NASA, But why they are not here in India ISRO. I agree Indian education system is good and becoming better and outstanding.
Parveen,said Dec 03, 2013
In my point of view, Education system in India is better. If u say quality of education in India is not good, then why MNC’s recurit employees from here. We have to make some improvement that lead to occur enough practical knowledge. That makes certain progression in our growth.
Sanjeevi,said Dec 01, 2013
Good morg to all of u i said India is a good country eventhough nowadays corruption is increase that thing affect all over system.
Krishna kumar,said Nov 26, 2013
Gd mng to all of you. As I came across to the detail analysis of education in india, the record released by various surveys say that 85‰ of general graduates and 75‰ of technical gradutes are employed. Reason for that itself marking a quation to the policy, implementation, and adherence. We today in 2013 have stepped in ni techand modern era bot still come across the education policies formed in 1964-69. Our education system and its effectiveness is deteriorating day and night as a study says that 40% of public sector teacher are absent from schools and indulging them outside in money making policies. So all in all our education system is not bad instead of that it has became obsolete as per the time and now there is utmost essence to revise the educational policy and monitoring implementation effectively so that better and fruitful results can be produced. Thank you
Steffi Evangeline,said Jun 18, 2013
My point of view about Indian education system is that, it would be better if educational departments in India concentrates much in gaining knowledge instead of stressing students in scoring marks because knowledge is considered as an asset since olden days. Implementing the gained knowledge in practical way should be motivated by teachers only then a student knows the importance of learning. Teachers should be employed with wider vision not out of money basis.
Gautam kumar,said Jun 18, 2013
Education system is not good in india comparing with forgein country. Here improove practical knowledge in each college.
ABHINAV,said May 30, 2013
In India students are focused only on marks. They don't look around themselves and observe. They lack in practical knowledge. This is probably because of the burden and some unnecessary chapter . Students do not get enough time to explore their capabilities and enhance themselves in co-curricular activities.
Mounikareddy,said May 26, 2013
In olden days like aryabatta,srinivasaramanujam they tried to get knowledge but they did not fight 4 marks dats y they r populered.according to me our education system is not bad even though we dnt have practical knowledge 20% indians are working in NASA,if we improve our practical knowledge" india will be the best country in the world".
Rizwana,said May 7, 2013
In my point of view education system of India is almost lagging when compared to foreign countries.youth is moulded to have such an education system that it resembles as a spoon feeding. both students and teachers should be aware of basic ,technical & practical knowledge.
Umesh samal,said Apr 18, 2013
I am agree india education system is not very good compare to foreign countries. because every student tries a good percentage not practical knowledge and outside knowledge.Now a days my point of view teacher and student relationship is not good. Most of the teachers thought that learning good money.
My point of view every class must be compulsory subject is General knowledge. So i hope that knowledge is increase.
Shri Paul Sharma,said Apr 15, 2013
Indian childerns are making their mind hard disk of computer. They cram books and write on the answer book. This is the education system of India. There is not any practical knowledge in the Indian school.
Prathiraj,said Mar 30, 2013
In India they know only the matters which was present in their education they dont have practical knowledge they should learn practical knowledge first.
Sachin bhadouria,said Mar 30, 2013
According to my opinion, this is a whole system depends on students so we shoudn't any arguments to our system . in foreign countries may have best or practicaly knowledge but cultural & living standars also play as a big roll in it.
Bharat, said Mar 21, 2013
My suggestion is that, The education system in India is not so good.
Recently the government of India has decided to accept the policy that the student from 1st std to 8th std should not come under the rusult being faild. Government is forcing the educational institute to pass every student either they are eligible or not. The logic behind this policy accepted by govt of India is that the student not be under place or tension or depression about the result.
Now what will happen if student comes to know that he is fail derectly in 9th std, so what resolution govt provide for this abruct tension & depression among these student.
Anil Kumar, said Mar 17, 2013
Very good morning to all of u. According to me Indian education system is lacking in may points with comparison to foreign education system. Many political issues, reservation system, the rich persons who are opening a private institution to income there money only are influencing and harming our education system a lot. Now we r happy that NASA has 20% Indian scientist & 40% of engineers of India working in foreign..... n may more knowledgable persons are getting popular in India. But you can realize one thing that if we solve the above mentioned problems then we can get more educated persons. May be 50% of Indian scientist will be in NASA & 80% of engineers of all over the world should be from India. This is seem to be a dream now but its possible if the govt. of India & peoples of India will be more concern about these. Thank you. Have a good day.
Punitha, said Mar 16, 2013
I agree with all points. As we all know A.P.J Abdul Kalam, In his school years, he had average grades, but was desire to learn more practical knowledge. So he learned and became a great Scientist in India.. Suppose if a student get good marks in their subjects, we can't say he/she will have a good practical knowledge. So the education is based on which way the students are using that education.
AVANISH PANDEY, said Mar 15, 2013
In India education means only a way to gain money ,there people are work as teacher only for good salary .we do not gat practical knowledges we only get theory theory .so i appeled the govt of indian to do so many changes in our education systum and make perfect.
Moumita Mukherjee, said Mar 12, 2013
According to me the decided education system in India is very good but due to our ignorance day by day its quality is decrease,at starting people love to be a teacher but now a day who don't get job they also become a teacher so they are not able to develop that much interest towards study in student. In our education they concluded every things but it is the student fault that they choose only theory they leave practical as it would be have no use . according to me this is the fault of student not the system
Niket Agrawal, said Mar 3, 2013
My suggesion is that Our Counry is one of he best country in he field of Education as the Students from all the places & in all fields are very good even students from small villages are also very talented ha is because of the education system of our country even in NASA 20% members are Indians.
Kohila, said Mar 2, 2013
According to me the Education system and planning are gud. but at the implementation level, we cant reach the goal as the govt expect from the teachers and the students. The lack of proper monitoring is the reason. As we have high population, we cant monitor nook and corner. So mistakes are happening . But there is a quality and quantity education is in India.We must proud about it.
Gouri, said Feb 20, 2013
Every one spoke very nice I appreciate them....specially the person who were say Indian education poor rather than foreign country..I ask u one question if India's educational system is poor so why they have to demand Indians student to work in their country? my friends already told in NASA 20% Indian people work.because of in foreign this country are developed so this people aware about compare to Indians some part people didn't aware about education but our Goverment takes as per its own responcibility they launched so many scheme...Education in India goes in a different way like its own history and culture an business men in India also have same way of education.
Chandni kumari, said Feb 14, 2013
According to my opinion Indian education system is quite better.There is no comparision with foreign because they are developed country and we are in developing one,but we are doing best of us.The education system in india provide us great,cheap,efficient education.It encourage all sorts of people to become llitrate.our developing rate is so good after we are in slaving situation for so many years.our great brain demand is always high in the whole world,then how we blame our education system.
Thandapani, said Jan 24, 2013
As I spend morethan 30 years in the field of Teacher Education, I found that the qulaity of our system of Education is good. What is the impediment I noticed is that the teachers, few people, are working ony for salary. Now a days it is too difficult to identify the teachers with a vision. They should be practiced by any means to cope up with the programmes drafted either by Central or State to sustain the quality of education. Awards to teachers should not be onthe basis of recommendations. Innovatives should be awarded.
Viji, said Oct 25, 2012
I think that the quality of education provided in india is one of the best in the world because If the quality of education is poor means how can MNC'S recruit students from here. So instead of saying that quality of education is decreasing we can say that there should be some improvement in the practick knowledge..
Zahid ali karachi, said Sep 15, 2012
Well, at first i want to say that i love my country and i dont want compare its characteristics with the foreign countries. but as group discussion topic, i will say, YES, India has very good education system as well as gave us intelligent persons like arjyabhotto, acharya jagadis chandra basu etc. they were nothing but a golden gift gifted by india to us. and nowadays, in aborad many many indian people doing higher ranking job in different depertment. like them we are sturcturing our educational strenth. yes, i accepting that forign countries also has good edcation system but India also has best education system to compute with them.
Neha, said Sep 10, 2012
I will go against my country. As we all know it is the birthplace of great mathematician like aryabhtta,jagadis chandra basu where it concludes that the origin point of discovery is quite good but if we go to the imlementation part we LACKS here. We becm too slow. Today as compared with foreign studies we are not implementing...not utilizing our studies ...knowledge at the correct place that shows our ignorance.
Ragupathi, said Sep 5, 2012
In my point of view, Indian education system is worst with compared to foriegn nations. Because in india, education system is only concentrate with theory side, but in abroad, they taught with practical applications. for these scheme, our students are lacked by practical knowledge.
NITHYA, said Sep 4, 2012
In my point of view education system is already developed in India. But we can’t use properly. If we use this education system then we are developed country because education system play very important role.
Lakshmanan, said Aug 30, 2012
According to my point of view, Educational system in India is poor compared to other foreign countries. Because educational system followed in India. Only based on mark or grade oriented. Not for gathering knowledge about the subject. Personally i think education is the backbone of our country. Try to change the education system.
Kamal kant bansal, said Aug 12, 2012
For my point of view the education system of Abroad is much better than India. Because in India we don’t give any practical knowledge & lot of exams which we don’t need. What ideas that. But in Abroad only looking for practical knowledge that’s why lot of indians go to abroad for education.
Laxman, said Aug 11, 2012
I sure that india’s education is best than foreign countries. 40% engg. in foreign are indian they studied in India and use their knowledge in foreign country. Thats why India is still developing nation.
Rupayan Dey, said Jul 23, 2012
Obviously it should compare. Yes its true india and foreign are totally differ, culture, educations, life leading each and every steps are differ but still we should compare all those good things of foreign. The education policy and system is much higher than indian system.
The Indian colleges and universities are totally theoretical based but foreign universities and colleges are totally practical oriented. In IT world we have to show practical knowledge. but it doesn't mean theory doesn't require. But should focused on more practical based. And another things which i have shown that indian universities are not proper professional. So for better future of indian students we should compare indian education system with foreign countries and should give up bookish knowledge and should take all those positive things from foreign.
Vijay, said Jul 21, 2012
I think rather than quoting our indian education system is based on theoretical basis rather practical basis as in foreign countries. we can quote them as our indian education system is based on marks rather than knowledge.
Both students and teachers are well much aware about some basic questions which are repeatedly asking in exams. They will prepare those and get marks easily. Infact we just need a crash course for all our education system rather than a full time education.
prasit dutta, said Mar 31, 2012
Well, at first i want to say that i love my country and i dont want compare its characteristics with the foreign countries. but as group discussion topic, i will say, YES, India has very good education system as well as gave us intelligent persons like arjyabhotto, acharya jagadis chandra basu etc. they were nothing but a golden gift gifted by india to us. and nowadays, in aborad many many indian people doing higher ranking job in different depertment. like them we are sturcturing our educational strenth. yes, i accepting that forign countries also has good edcation system but India also has best education system to compute with them.
Suganya, said Mar 7, 2012
My suggestion is that, education system in india is poor. We have to improve it. In all over india not same education system is followed. In so many schools students are learning their subjects only theoritically but not practically. Practicals will improve our knowledge than theory. In tamil medium schools teaching english is not good. We have to take improvement measures over it.
Sanobar, said Feb 27,2012
We have an entirely different motive of imparting education india compared to those in foreign countries. Indian minds are trained to think a lot in a logical and reasonable manner, when everything whereas in foreign nations its a more practical approach by way of open book exams where the use of brain is limited but emphasis is given to make children smart and sharp, as is evident foreign companies are always on a look out for young professionals in india which leads to brain drain!.
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