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Government Contribution to IT in India?

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Goverment of India provided great opportunities to IT sectors development by giving exited job availability and also it allow many MNC companies to invest.
Shweta, says Dec 10, 2015
Nowadays,the whole world is filled with the emerging technologies which comprise of IT fields. IT has innovated new projects which are leads to the fourth generation world. it also offers wonderful opportunities for the people who could do the best for the organization. If India allows more MNC's then Indian could have the opportunities for their life and also add a big proud to our country.
Bharathi, says Sep 03, 2015
Now a days govt is providing free education. So, most of the people choosing it feild rather than other feilds why because IT feid is the fastest developing feild in the world. USA, Japan, China etc., mainly depends upon the it. So our indian government giving its contribution to increase literary and to develop employment.
Ashadulla, says Jan 9, 2014
According to my pt govt plays a major role in developing it sector in our country many employee commiting suicide due to thier failure specially rural ppl. Involvement of mnc compant paved te way for more life. I thik it is higly acceptable to be more it sector in our country.
Deepak, says Dec 20, 2013
Batty, said Dec 27, 2012
The government of India has contributed a lot in IT sector. A lot many IT MNC has been setup in India thereby increasing the opportunities for employment as well as preventing the brain drain. This is also improving the economy growth of the country. Now government is supporting many research projects in IT sector. The Indian government is working on the set up of it's own IT companies . This is an era of IT and IT education is also being supported and promoted by the government so that we INDIANs can cope up with the world wide IT development and usage. Various government programs are being launched to spread IT awareness in urba as well as rural areas.
Kishore, said Sep 19, 2012
One of main contribution of govt. towards IT is that, the "SATELLITE" that they have launched. Government has given communication facilities for the IT’s to the people.
Rajendra chaudhary, said Sep 7, 2012
I personally think that the government has done a great deal in improving the infrastructure and providing opportunities for the MNC’s to invest in our country.I think the boom of the IT sector has been well utilised by our country than any other country,one of the reasons for this would be the alarming manpower in the form of engineers that we possess. The ITES industry has also grown to a new stature because of the everadapting quality of us,Since we adapt to any language and any country and our high tolerance level the MNC’s are exploiting the mindpower here and the government and the people of our county are rejoicing this wonderful opportunity.
But I would like to make it a point over here that india should allow more MNC’s to settle in very quickly because the east pacific countries such as japan are adaptin very quickly,anyway hats up to the government they have done a great job.
Pawan Sen, said Apr 21, 2012
India is contribute very highly in IT field. In india running fourth generation,It is a very development area in our highly education IT. India goverment is developing new IT park . Whereby be is growth of new technology in our country.
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