Most-Commonly asked HR interview questions for Freshers

Why do you choose our company?

This question explores your motives for working. It asks whether you can be depended on to stay on at this job and work hard at it. If you have created a good impression up to this point, your response to this question is especially important.

Ashok,says Apr 16, 2014
Sir, Iam fresher and i need a good platform for show my skills. You company provides an opportunity to me where i enhance my knowledge and attitude. But i want to be a part of your company success..
Ani,says Mar 07, 2014
I choose your company because in this company i can enhance my knowledge and skills, i can learn more and to explore my expertise.
Subhas, said May 13, 2013
I need to be utilize and explore my knowledge what i have learn before and your company is the right platform to exhibit all my skills. after I have dream to work in this company once i hear about this company from your company website.
Kaliappan, said Feb 6, 2013
Good Evening Sir, Our company choose in neer to my hometown. So only i will choose these Company sir.
Pooja, said Aug 18, 2012
There are so many reasons for choosing this company. Iam mostly interested in database and this company is reputed one. Providing many features as per market demands and this company deals with various new technology..
Sudhansu, said Aug 03,2012
I think the technical skills and qualifications which I possess ,need to be utilize and explore and your company is the right platform to exhibit all my skills as the job offered by you is very much conducive to hone my talents.
Mahammad M, said Jan 29, 2012
As I am a fresher, its my dream to start my career by doing work in the big reputed company. And your company is one of the growing company in India. After go through your company profile I personally realized that your company provides better platform for me. To utilize my skills for the sake of organization growth And also enhance my knowledge and learn new things thats which is required for every fresher.
Sweetha, said July 02,2011
Good Morning sir,
Our company has provided so many facilites compared to other companies. Our company gives more salary compare to other company and work pressure also.
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