Operating System Interview Question and Answers

51. What is the difference between microkernel and macro kernel?
  • Micro-Kernel : A micro-kernel is a minimal operating system that performs only the essential functions of an operating system. All other operating system functions are performed by system processes.
  • Monolithic : A monolithic operating system is one where all operating system code is in a single executable image and all operating system code runs in system mode.
52. What is DRAM?
  Dynamic Ram stores the data in the form of Capacitance, and Static RAM stores the data in Voltages.
53. What are the different functions of Scheduler?
  • Scheduler deals with the problem of deciding which of the process in the ready queue is to be allocated the CPU.
  • Short Term Schedulers
  • Long Term Schedulers
54. What is a trap and trapdoor?
  • Trapdoor is a secret undocumented entry point into a program used to grant access without normal methods of access authentication.
  • A trap is a software interrupt, usually the result of an error condition.
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