Operating System Interview Question and Answers

21. What is thrashing?
  • It is a phenomenon in virtual memory schemes when the processor spends most of its time swapping pages, rather than executing instructions.
  • This is due to an inordinate number of page faults.
22. What are the states of a process?
  • New
  • Running
  • Waiting
  • Ready
  • Terminated
23. What is a binary semaphore?
  A binary semaphore is one, which takes only 0 and 1 as values. They are used to implement mutual exclusion and synchronize concurrent processes.
24. What is a job queue?
  When a process enters the system it is placed in the job queue.
25. What is a ready queue?
  The processes that are residing in the main memory and are ready and waiting to execute are kept on a list called the ready queue.
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