Operating System Interview Question and Answers

26. What are turnaround time and response time?
  Turnaround time is the interval between the submission of a job and its completion.
Response time is the interval between submission of a request, and the first response to that request.
27. What are the operating system components?
  • Process management
  • Main memory management
  • File management
  • I/O system management
  • Secondary storage management
  • Networking
  • Protection system
  • Command interpreter system
28. What is mutex?
  • Mutex is a program object that allows multiple program threads to share the same resource, such as file access, but not simultaneously.
  • When a program is started a mutex is created woth a unique name. After this stage, any thread that needs the resource must lock the mutex from other threads while it is using the resource.
  • The mutex is set to unlock when the data is no longer needed or the routine is finished.
29. What is Marshalling?
  The process of packaging and sending interface method parameters across thread or process boundaries.
30. What are residence monitors?
  Early operating systems were called residence monitors.
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