Software Testing Interview Question and Answers

46. What is a test case?
  A test case is a set of instructions designed to discover a particular type of error or defect in the software system by inducing a failure.
47. What is a software review?
  A software review can be defined as a filter for the software engineering process. The purpose of any review is to discover errors in the analysis, design, and coding, testing and implementation phases of the softwaredevelopment cycle. The other purpose of a review is to see whether procedures are applied uniformly and in a manageable manner.
48. What are the types of reviews?
    Reviews are one of two types : informal technical reviews and formal technical reviews.
  • Informal Technical Review : An informal meeting and informal desk checking.
  • Formal Technical Review : A formal software quality assurance activity through various approaches, such as structured walkthroughs, inspections, etc.
49. What is data flow diagrams(DFD)?
  Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) are also known as data flow graphs or bubble charts. A DFD serves the purpose of clarifying system requirements and identifying major transformations. DFDs show the flow of data through a system. It is an important modeling tool that allows us to picture a system as a network of functional processes.
50. What is reverse engineering?
  Reverse engineering is the process followed in order to find difficult, unknown, and hidden information about a software system. It is becoming important, since several software products lack proper documentation, and are highly unstructured, or their structure has degraded through a series of maintenance efforts. Maintenance activities cannot be performed without a complete understanding of the software system.

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