C Programming Question and Answers

65. What is wild pointer in C?
  Uninitialized pointers are called as wild pointers in C which points to arbitrary (random) memory location. This wild pointer may lead a program to behave wrongly or to crash.
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66. Can a variable be both const and volatile?
  • Yes. The const modifier means that this code cannot change the value of the variable, but that does not mean that the value cannot be changed by means outside this code.
  • If a variable is both const and volatile, the two modifiers can appear in either order.
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67. List out some of C compilers?
  There are so many compilers available in market for Windows operating system and UNIX. We are listing some of them here for your reference.
  • AMPC
  • CCS C Compiler
  • ch
  • clang
  • cygwin
  • Digital mars
  • GCC compiler
  • MikroC Compiler
  • Portable C Compiler
  • Power C
  • QuickC
  • Ritchie C Compiler
  • Small- C
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68. What is void in C?
  Void is an empty data type that has no value. We use void data type in functions when we don't want to return any value to the calling functions.
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