Mysql Interview Question and Answers

21. Differentiate the LIKE and REGEXP operators?
  SELECT * FROM pet WHERE name REGEXP "^b";
SELECT * FROM pet WHERE name LIKE "%b";
22. What are the String types are available for a column?
  The string types are CHAR, VARCHAR, BLOB, TEXT, ENUM, and SET.
23. What is the REGEXP?
  A REGEXP pattern match succeed if the pattern matches anywhere in the value being tested.
24. What is the difference between CHAR AND VARCHAR?
  The CHAR and VARCHAR types are similar, but differ in the way they are stored and retrieved.
The length of a CHAR column is fixed to the length that you declare when you create the table.
The length can be any value between 1 and 255. When CHAR values are stored, they are right-padded with spaces to the specified length. When CHAR values are retrieved, trailing spaces are removed.
25. How quoting and escaping work in SELECT QUERY?
  SELECT ‘hello’, ‘“hello”’,‘““hello””’, ‘hel‘‘lo’, ‘\‘hello’.
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