PL/SQL Interview Question and Answers

13. Can BFILES be used for transactions?
  No, BFILES are read only and cannot participate in transactions.
14. What is the use of FFLUSH procedure of the UTL_FILE package?
  The FFLUSH procedure is used to write all data buffered in memory to a file.
15. Which functions should be used before performing data manipulation on BFILEs?
    Following are the procedures or functions of the DBMS_LOB package that should be used before manipulating the BFILE data:
  • FILEOPEN – Opens files
  • FILEGETNAME – Gets the filename
  • FILEEXISTS – Checks whether the file exists
  • FILEISOPEN – Checks whether the file is open
  • These procedures are used, as Oracle does not maintain the integrity of the external file; only the pointer is maintained.
16. What is the use of DEPTREE and IDEPTREE views?
  These views contain information on the object direct and indirect dependency tree.
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