SQL Server Interview Question and Answers

16. What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE statement?
  • A DELETE statement enables you to selectively remove data from a table, whereas
  • The TRUNCATE statement unconditionally removes all rows from a table.
17. What are the types of transaction levels in SQL SERVER?
    There are four transaction levels in SQL SERVER.
  • Read committed
  • Read uncommitted
  • Repeatable read
  • Serializable
18. What is the difference between a DDL trigger and a DML trigger?
  • A DDL trigger executes in response to a change to the structure of a database (for example, CREATE, ALTER, DROP).
  • A DML trigger executes in response to a change in data (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
19. What database does SQL Server use for temporary tables?
20. What is a linked server?
  A linked server enables you to work with other SQL Servers as well as databases other than SQL Server databases, right from within Management Studio.

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