Verbal - Calendar

DIRECTIONS : Questions based on calendars.
1. What is the number of odd days in a leap year?
  A.  1
  B.  2
  C.  3
  D.  4
2. What is the day on 1st January 1901?
  A. Monday
  B. Wednesday
  C. Sunday
  D. Tuesday

3. The first republic day of the India was celebrated on 26th January,1950. It was
  A.  Monday
  B.  Wednesday
  C.  Thursday
  D.  Friday
4. Today is Wednesday what will be the day after 94 days?
  A.  Monday
  B.  Tuesday
  C.  Wednesday
  D.  Sunday
5. Today is Thursday. The day after 59 days wil be?
  A.  Sunday
  B.  Monday
  C.  Tuesday
  D.  Wednesday

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