Verbal - Sentence Completion

DIRECTIONS : Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense.
61. The medicine gave him a short __________ from the suffering.
  A.  Release
  B.  Relief
  C.  Escape
  D.  Respite
62. I have often _______ why he went to live abroad.
  A. Thought
  B. Surprised
  C. Puzzled
  D. Wondered

63. Even a _________ glance will reveal the mystery.
  A.  Crude
  B.  Curious
  C.  Critical
  D.  Cursory
64. The Government is confident that the standard of living will begin to _________ again soon.
  A.  Revive
  B.  Lift
  C.  Rise
  D.  Fluorish
65. “Mind your own business”, he said
  A.  Meekly
  B.  Sharply
  C.  Clumsily
  D.  Heavily

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