Verbal - Sentence Completion

DIRECTIONS : Each question contains one or two blanks, and you have to find the best answer choice to make the sentence make complete sense.
66. Legislation was passed to punish brokers who __________ their clients funds.
  A.  Devour
  B.  Defalcate
  C.  Devastate
  D.  Embezzle
67. A cheerful man __________ all difficulties and hardships with a smile on his face.
  A. Resists
  B. Embraces
  C. Challenges
  D. Endures

68. The table drawer wsa _______ and could not be opened.
  A.  Bound
  B.  Barred
  C.  Jammed
  D.  Fastened
69. The degrees were awarded in the annual _______
  A.  Convoltion
  B.  Convention
  C.  Convocation
  D.  Conference
70. My friend took his first pay to the bank to ________ it in his account.
  A.  Claimed
  B.  Boasted
  C.  Confided
  D.  Confessed

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