History General knowledge Questions

5. The statue of Liberty is associated with
  A.  France
  B.  U.S.A.
  C.  U.K.
  D.  Spain
Ans: B
6. The National calendar of India adopted in 1957 is based on
  A.  Guptabda
  B.  Saka era
  C.  Christian era
  D.  Bangabda
Ans: B
Saka era
7. The tools and weapons of Harappan civilization were mostly made of
  A.  Stone and copper
  B.  Stone
  C.  Copper and bronze
  D.  Copper, bronze and iron
Ans: C
Copper and bronze
8. The founder of the city of Agra was
  A.  Alam Khan
  B.  Bairam Khan
  C.  Daulat Khan
  D.  Srikandar Lodi
Ans: D
Srikandar Lodi
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