Important Dates - World History

Year BC Days
1000 – 4000 Development of settlement into cities and development of skills, such as wheel and pottery making and improved methods of cultivation
5500 – 3000 Earliest recorded date of Egyptian calendar; first phonetic writing appears; Sumerians develop a city state civilization
3000 – 2000 Pharaonic rule begins in Egypt; completion of the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza
900 – 800 Phoenicians establish Carthage: The Iliad and Odyssey was composed by the Greek poet Homer
400 – 300 Pentateuch first five books of the Old Testament evolve in final form.
300 – 251 Invention of Mayan calendar in Yucatan – more exact than older calendars
101-51 Jeleus Caessar (100-44 BC) invaded Britain (55 BC) and conquers Gaul, France.
776 First Olympiad in Greece.
753 Rome founded.
490 Battle of Marathon, the Greeks defeated the Iranians/Persians.
327-26 Invasion of India by Alexander, Battle of Hydaspes.
221 Chin-Hung Ti ‘Universal Emperor’ in China, Great Wall of China completed.
55 Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar, the Great Roman General.
44 Assassination of Julius Caesar by Brutus.
4 Birth of Jesus Christ.

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