Important Dates - World History

Year(AD) Days
1588 Admiral Drake defeated the Spanish ‘Armada’; England became the ‘Mistress of the Seas’.
1600 Establishment of the British East India Company in India (31st December).
1605 Gunpowder plot in England to blow up the English parliament
1616 Shakespeare passes away
1649 Trial and execution of Charles I, beginning of Commonwealth
1649 – 60 The Commonwealth and the Protectorate in England.
1660 Restoration of monarchy in England.
1665 The great plague in London
1679 Habeas Corpus Act.
1688 The Glorious or Bloodless Revolution in England. Despotic rule of the Stuarts ended, and the Parliament rule began. Establishment of parliamentary supremacy and abolition of the Divine Rights of Kings.
1704 Battle of Blenheim; Marlborough and Eugene inflicted a crushing defeat of the French army.
1707 Union of England and Scotland.
1763 Treaty of Paris; it ended the Seven Years War (1756 – 63); weakened France, made England a great colonial power.
1776 Declaration of American Independence and formation of a Federal Republic of 13 states called the Union States of America.
1783 Treaty of Versailles; England recognised the independence of the United States of America.
1789 George Washington elected First President of USA. Beginning of French Revolution; Fall of the Bastille Fort (July 14).
1798 Battle of the Nile. The English under Nelson gained victory over the French.
1805 Battle of Trafalgar; Death of Nelson. Battle of Austerliz – Napolean Bonaparte rounted a combined army of the Russians and the Austrians.
1815 Battle of Waterloo-  Napolean was defeated and exiled to St. Helena. Congress of Vienna, it aimed at rearranging the map of Europe; The Vienna settlement proved unsatisfactory because it disregarded national claims.
1821 Death of Napoleon at St. Helena (May 5).
1827 Battle of Navatino; the allied fleets of England, Russia and France destroyed the Turkish fleet; This victory practically secured the independence of Greece.

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