Indian Constitution Gk Questions and Answers

17. Constitutional government means
  A.  Representative government
  B.  Limited government
  C.  Government according to the constitution
  D.  Government by the consent of the people
Ans: B
Limited government
18. How many subjects are kept under the jurisdiction of panchayats in the eleven schedule of the constitution?
  A.  22
  B.  25
  C.  28
  D.  29
Ans: D
19. 73rd Amendment of the Indian constitution was passed on the recommendation of which committee?
  A.  Balwant Rai
  B.  Kirit Parikh
  C.  Deepak Mehta
  D.  Ashok Mehta
Ans: A
Balwant Rai
20. Who of the following has stated that The constitution has not been set in a right mould of Federalism?
  A.  D.D. Basu
  B.  K.M. Munshi
  C.  A.K. Aiyer
  D.  B.R. Ambedkar
Ans: C
A.K. Aiyer
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