Indian Economy Gk Questions and Answers

13. ISO 9000 certificate is a stringent quality control standard for electronic goods that are essential for any Indian exporter to complete in international markets. It is issued by the
  A.  UN Export Agency
  B.  International Organisation for Standardisation
  C.  British Standards Institution
  D.  Bureau of Indian Standards
Ans: B
International Organisation for Standardisation
14. Which of the following is not a measure of Human Development Index?
  A.  Sex ratio
  B.  Gross enrollments
  C.  Life expectancy
  D.  Literacy rate
Ans: A
Sex ratio
15. Participatory Notes (PNs) are associated with which one of the following?
  A.  Kyoto Protocol
  B.  Consolidated Fund of India
  C.  United Nations Development Programme
  D.  Foreign Institutional Investors
Ans: D
Foreign Institutional Investors
16. World Development Report is an annual publication of
  A.  International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
  B.  United Nations Development Programme
  C.  World Trade Organisation
  D.  International Monetary Fund
Ans: A
International Bank of Reconstruction and Development
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