Indian Fiscal System Gk Questions and Answers

9. The existence of a parallel economy/black money
  A.  ensures increasing productive investment
  B.  ensure a better distribution of income and wealth
  C.  makes the monetary policies less effective
  D.  makes the economy more competitive
Ans: C
makes the monetary policies less effective
10. The National Income of India is estimated mainly through
  A.  Production method alone
  B.  Expenditure method alone
  C.  Production and income methods
  D.  Production and expenditure methods
Ans: A
Production method alone
11. The first estimate of national income in India was made by
  A.  VKRV Rao
  B.  Mahalanobis
  C.  Professor Sheroi
  D.  Dadabhai Naoroji
Ans: A
12. Most important source of capital formation in India has been
  A.  Government revenue surpluses
  B.  Public sector savings
  C.  Corporate savings
  D.  Household savings
Ans: D
Household savings
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