Physical Geography Gk Questions and Answers

13. The element present in the largest amounts in rocks and minerals is
  A.  Silicon
  B.  Gold
  C.  Carbon
  D.  Hydrogen
Ans: A
14. Which of the following is the highest mountain peak of the U.S.A.?
  A.  Albert
  B.  Mc Kinley
  C.  Mauna Lao
  D.  Kilauea
Ans: B
Mc Kinley
15. The continental shelf is marked by an isobaths line of
  A.  100 metres
  B.  200 metres
  C.  300 metres
  D.  350 metres
Ans: B
200 metres
16. Singapore Island is separated from the Malay peninsula by
  A.  Malacca strait
  B.  Johore strait
  C.  Sunda strait
  D.  Molucca strait
Ans: B
Johore strait
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