Famous Places, Towns and Buildings

Cape Kennedy In Florida (USA); America’s spaceship launching centre; now known as Cape Canaveral.
Cape Trafalgar On the coast of Spain, where the British fleet won a decisive victory over Napoleon in 1805.
Catacomb’s of Rome There are the sepulchres of the early Christians and consisted of more than 40 groups of labyrinths, sometimes going down to 5 storey’s below the surface of the ground.
Cenotaph A monument in White Hall, London in memory of those who sacrificed their lives during World War I.
Cotopaxi In Ecuador; it is the loftiest active volcano in the world with a height of 19,500 ft.
Corsica An island in the Mediterranean Sea where Napoleon was born.
Colombo Capital and port of Sri Lanka; it holds very strategic importance on the ocean highway for east and west.
Colossus of Rhodes A bronze statue of Greek sun gold Helios, erected by Charles of Kindus at the port of city of Rhodes.
Chicago Situated at the mouth of Chicago river in the U.S.A. Second city in terms of population; Great railway centre; biggest grain and meat market of the world.
Detroit The Fourth largest city in the U.S.A. ; known as the city of motor cars.
Diego Garcia An island in the Indian Ocean near Mauritius. The U.S.A. has set up a big naval base here. The littoral countries led by India raised protest against this step.
Dowling Street Official residence of the Prime Minister of England in London.
Eiffel Tower A 985 feet high tower designed by Alexander Gustave Eiffel for Paris Exposition in 1889 in Paris (France), now being used as a meteorological wireless station.
Elysee Palace Official residence of the President of France.
Empire State Building In New York (U.S.A.); One of the loftiest buildings in the world; it has 102 storeys and a height o 1250 ft. opened on May 1, 1931.
Fleet Street A Street in London named after the river Fleet; there are offices and printing establishments of many of the leading British newspapers and press agencies.
Fuji Yama Extinct volcano in Japan near Tokyo; pilgrim resort; the highest peak of Japan.

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