Famous Places, Towns and Buildings

St. Peterburg Former of capital of Russia founded by reformist Russian Tsar, Peter the Great, during the 18th century; after the death of Lenin, the city was renamed as Leningrad; with the dissolution of the U.S.S.R., its original name has been restored.
Suez Canal Ship canal in Egypt linking the Mediterranean and Red Seas and separating Africa from Asia; built by Ferdinand de Lesseps; nationalised by President Nasser in 1956.
St. Helena An island in the south Atlantic; 1200 miles west of Africa. It became a British possession in 1673; Napoleon died here in exile in 1821.
Stockholm Capital of Sweden, sometimes called the Venice of the North. A great manufacturing centre and an important seaport. A 35 nation disarmament conference was held here in 1984.
Stonehenge It is a circular assemblage of huge stone in Salisbury; placed at about 145 km southwest of London and built in 1800 – 1500 B.C.
Stratford upon Avon Birth place of Shakespeare in England.
Trieste An important seaport of Italy; famous for shipbuilding industry, iron works and oil refineries. In 1954, it was divided into two zones; Zone ‘A’ handed over to Italy and Zone ‘B’ handed over to Yugoslavia.
Texas Second largest state of the USA; leads all the American states in cotton, cattle and petroleum production.
Tashkent Capital of Uzbekistan. Tashkent Pact between India and Pakistan was signed here in January 1966.
Taxila A ruined city in Pakistan near Rawalpindi; ancient seat of Indian learning and a Buddhist university.

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