World Geography Quiz Questions and Answers

5. The deepest lake in the world is
  A.  Superior
  B.  Baikal (Siberia)
  C.  Titicaca (Bolivia)
  D.  None of these
Ans: B
Baikal (Siberia)
6. Tropopause separates
  A.  Troposphere and Ionosphere
  B.  Stratosphere and Ionosphere
  C.  Stratosphere and Troposphere
  D.  Troposphere and ozonosphere
Ans: C
Stratosphere and Troposphere
7. Thunderstorms are associated with
  A.  Cirrus clouds
  B.  Stratus clouds
  C.  Cumulonimbus clouds
  D.  Cumulus clouds
Ans: C
Cumulonimbus clouds
8. The Indian subcontinent was originally part of a huge mass called
  A.  Gondwana land
  B.  Indian
  C.  Aryavarta
  D.  Angaraland
Ans: A
Gondwana land
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