World Geography Gk Questions and Answers

13. Ebony and mahogany trees are associated with
  A.  Coniferous forests
  B.  Tropical Evergreen forests
  C.  Tropical Monsoon forests
  D.  Deciduous forests
Ans: B
Tropical Evergreen forests
14. In which of the following the west European type of climate is found?
  A.  California
  B.  North Chile
  C.  Algeria
  D.  British Columbia
Ans: D
British Columbia
15. The driest area of the Earth is
  A.  Gobi desert
  B.  Thar desert
  C.  Atacama desert
  D.  Arabian desert
Ans: C
Atacama desert
16. Darkensberg is a mountain of
  A.  Zambia
  B.  Botswana
  C.  South Africa
  D.  Namibia
Ans: C
South Africa
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