World History General knowledge Questions

5. The Reign of Terror is associated with which country?
  A.  Germany
  B.  Britain
  C.  France
  D.  Italy
Ans: A
6. With which one of the following is the Tennis Court Oath associated?
  A.  French Revolution
  B.  American Revolution
  C.  Russian Revolution
  D.  English Revolution
Ans: A
French Revolution
7. The provisional government of 1917 in Russia was headed by
  A.  Prince Lvov
  B.  Joseph Stalin
  C.  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  D.  Alexander Karensky
Ans: C
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
8. The Russian revolutionaries derived their ideology from the doctrine of
  A.  Marx and Lenin
  B.  Lenin and Engels
  C.  Lenin and Stalin
  D.  Marx and Engels
Ans: D
Marx and Engels
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