World History General knowledge Questions

13. Which one of the following countries never taken over by any European power as a colony?
  A.  Singapore
  B.  Thailand
  C.  Indonesia
  D.  Brunel
Ans: B
14. Who among the following was the author of Common Sense the revolutionary pamphlet of the American Revolution?
  A.  Thomas Paine
  B.  Thomas Jefferson
  C.  Samuel Adams
  D.  George Washington
Ans: A
Thomas Paine
15. The concepts in the Declaration of Independence are based on the ideas of the philosopher
  A.  Locke
  B.  Hobbes
  C.  Descartes
  D.  Smith
Ans: A
16. The international body which was formed in Europe (in1889) to coordinate the efforts socialists all over Europe was called
  A.  Commune
  B.  Labour Party
  C.  Social Democratic Party
  D.  Second International
Ans: D
Second International
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