Double Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Choose from the given words below the two sentences, I and II, that word which can substitute the italicised words in both the sentences.
5. I. Mrs. Menon put all her jewellery in one box carelessly.
II. The equipment had to be stored in this ware house at short notice.
  A.  Dumped
  B.  Stacked
  C.  Stocked
  D.  Stowed
6. I. Arun has got a friendly disposition.
II. The warm sunshine in the morgning filled my heart with joy.
  A.  Happy
  B.  Pleasing
  C.  Genial
  D.  Joyous

7. I. These trees yield commercially valuable varities of wood.
II. The man who desires for many things at a time gets none.
  A.  Trunks
  B.  Yearns
  C.  Pines
  D.  Barks
8. I. Siva was the first suspect in that case.
II. The driver decided to tune the engine before going to sleep that day.
  A.  Major
  B.  Complete
  C.  Suffer
  D.  Prime
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