Double Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Choose from the given words below the two sentences, I and II, that word which can substitute the italicised words in both the sentences.
29. I. The commander gave order to aim the guns at enemy positions.
II. It was interesting to see the line of ducklings following the man.
  A.  Turn
  B.  Array
  C.  Train
  D.  Target
30. I. He failed to produce any reason for his having behaved the way he did.
II. Man must live, struggle and die for a mission.
  A.  Goal
  B.  Target
  C.  Purpose
  D.  Cause

31. I. I entreated before him several times but without any result.
II. The Minister asked the officers to put the scheme into operation.
  A.  Conduct
  B.  Effect
  C.  Influence
  D.  Consequence
32. I. Sam's ready wit often got him out of tight sports.
II. The task they did was so different that the difference was apparent.
  A.  Clear
  B.  Sharp
  C.  Intelligible
  D.  Visible
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