Double Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Choose from the given words below the two sentences, I and II, that word which can substitute the italicised words in both the sentences.
33. I. I think this particular book gives you all the desired knowledge on this topic.
II. For packaging one needs to have an idea of the desired dimensions of the box in which a set of items is to be contained.
  A.  Text
  B.  Matter
  C.  Volume
  D.  Edition
34. I. The issue was finally settled, through with great difficulty.
II. Working women are given definite advantages over the men in our office.
  A.  Decided
  B.  Fixed
  C.  Installed
  D.  Destined

35. I. The constables decided to separate at the corner and approach the house from the two sides.
II. Shaloo was not willing to give her friend even a small portion of the cake she had.
  A.  Cut
  B.  Part
  C.  Split
  D.  Divide
36. I. The document was declared void by the court.
II. I felt pity for the sickly person lying on the pavement.
  A.  Feeble
  B.  Invalid
  C.  Defective
  D.  Useless
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