Reconstruction of Sentences

DIRECTIONS : Choose the correct combination of the given words.
21. The professor
(P) who has explored many jungles
(Q) will lecture on the new expedition
(R) about which I have read
(S) which he is now planning
  A.  RSQP
  B.  QRSP
  C.  PQRS
  D.  PRQS
22. I
(P) one hand before me on the wall,
(Q) unlocked the door,
(R) to guide me in the heavy blackness
(S) and went softly down the stairs
  A.  PQRS
  B.  RQPS
  C.  QPRS
  D.  QSRP

23. We can think of
(P) often confused in the public mind
(Q) which suggest the need for
(R) two factors
(S) an international language
  A.  RPQS
  B.  PQRS
  C.  SQRP
  D.  PSQR
24. As the situation has changed,
(P) since we last discussed this matter
(Q) it was best to contact you
(R) it appeared to me
(S) without losing time
  A.  PQRS
  B.  PQSR
  C.  PRQS
  D.  SPQR
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