Model I : Sentence Completion

DIRECTIONS : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
86. The spanish regarded him as an __________ and called him a villain.
  A.  archer
  B.  apostle
  C.  imposter
  D.  informer
87. Every Shakespearean hero has an internal ________ in his character.
  A.  fault
  B.  detect
  C.  flaw
  D.  weakness

88. This was the first time Prasanna had been found guilty. He had no __________ convictions.
  A.  former
  B.  past
  C.  earlier
  D.  previous
89. The river overflowed its _________ and flooded the area.
  A.  banks
  B.  limits
  C.  edges
  D.  fronts
90. The __________ animal was on the look out for food.
  A.  savage
  B.  primitive
  C.  uncivilized
  D.  wild