Model IV : Synonyms

DIRECTIONS : Pick up the correct synonyms for each of the following words.
1. Gandhiji always advocated the cause of indigenous industries.
  A.  Native
  B.  Foreign
  C.  Cottage
  D.  Big
2. He decided to accost a big financier for his new scheme.
  A. Hire
  B. Consult
  C. Employ
  D. Deceive

3. Many species of animals have become extinct during the last hundred years.
  A.  Feeble
  B.  Non existent
  C.  Aggressive
  D.  Scattered
4. The ascending temperature in many parts of the world confirms global warming which is an environmental hazard.
  A.  Shooting
  B.  Mounting
  C.  Rising
  D.  Falling
5. His style is quite transparent.
  A.  Lucid
  B.  Verbose
  C.  Witty
  D.  Involved