Vocabulary Test

DIRECTIONS : Pick out the word that is either most nearly the same in meaning or opposite of the word printed in capitals.
11. Baleful
  A.  Virtual
  B.  Deadly
  C.  Virtuous
  D.  Doubtful
12. Stingy
  A.  Rich
  B.  Cheerful
  C.  Generous
  D.  Extravagant

13. Enigmatic
  A.  Learned
  B.  Displeased
  C.  Short sighted
  D.  Puzzling
14. Festal
  A.  Sad
  B.  Serious
  C.  Merry
  D.  Noisy
15. Slake
  A.  Rub
  B.  Quench
  C.  Erase
  D.  Sharpen
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