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The Shoulder Shrug shows submission

The Shoulder Shrug is also a good example of a universal gesture that is used to show that a person doesn't know or doesn’t understand what you are saying. It's a multiple gesture that has three main parts: exposed palms to show nothing is being concealed in the hands, hunched shoulders to protect the throat from attack and raised brow which is a universal, sub-missive greeting.

Read Gestures in Clusters

The main Critical Evaluation signal is the hand-to-face gesture, with the index finger pointing up the cheek while another finger covers the mouth and the thumb supports the chin.This body language ’sentence‚ says something like, “I don’t like what you’re saying”, “I disagree” or “I’m holding back negative feelings”.

You’re losing points with this man

Read Gestures in Context

All gestures should be considered in the context in which they occur. If, for example, someone was sitting at a bus terminal with his arms and legs tightly crossed and chin down and it was a cold winter's day, it would most likely mean that he was cold, not defensive.

Cold, not defensive