SQL Server Interview Question and Answers

1. What is Sql server?
  SQL - Structured query language is the standard command set used to communicate with the relational database management system.

Sql server - is commonly used as the backend system for websites and corporate CRMs and can support thousands of concurrent users.SQL Server is much more robust and scalable than a desktop database management system such as Microsoft Access.
2. What are the System Database in Sql server 2005?
  • Master - Stores system level information such as user accounts, configuration settings, and info on all other databases.
  • Model - database is used as a template for all other databases that are created
  • Msdb - Used by the SQL Server Agent for configuring alerts and scheduled jobs etc
  • Tempdb - Holds all temporary tables, temporary stored procedures, and any other temporary storage requirements generated by SQL Server.
3. What is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE commands?
  TRUNCATE is a DDL command whereas DELETE is a DML command. Hence DELETE operation can be rolled back, but TRUNCATE operation cannot be rolled back. WHERE clause can be used with DELETE and not with TRUNCATE.
4. What is OLTP?
  Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) relational databases are optimal for managing changing data. When several users are performing transactions at the same time, OLTP databases are designed to let transactional applications write only the data needed to handle a single transaction as quickly as possible.
5. Define Normalisation?
  Normalisation is an essential part of database design. A good understanding of the semantic of data helps the designer to built efficient design using the concept of normalization.

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