Software Testing Interview Question and Answers

21. Define Metrics?
  The continuous application of measurement based techniques to the software development process and its products to supply meaningful and timely management information, together with the use of those techniques to improve that process and its products.
22. What is the difference between system and real time software?
  • System Software : System software is a collection of programs used to run the system as an assistance to other software programs. The compliers, editors, utilities, operating system components, drivers, and interfaces are examples of system software. This software resides in the computer system and consumes its resources. A computer system without system software cannot function.
  • Real time Software : Real time software deals with a changing environment. First, it collects the input and converts it from analog to a digital, control component that responds to the external environment and performs the action.
23. What is verification?
  Verification ensures the product is designed to deliver all functionality to the customer; it typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements and specifications; this can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs and inspection meetings.
24. What is meant by validation?
  Validation ensures that functionality, as defined in requirements, is the intended behavior of the product; validation typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed.
25. What is error tracking?
  Error tracking is an activity that provides a means for assessing the status of a current project.

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