Indian Constitution Gk Questions and Answers

13. The Political parties got the constitution recognition for the first time in the year.
  A.  1975
  B.  1977
  C.  1982
  D.  1985
Ans: D
14. Which of the following is not guaranteed by the constitution?
  A.  Freedom of strike
  B.  Freedom of association
  C.  Freedom of residence
  D.  Freedom of assembly
Ans: A
Freedom of strike
15. Article 249 of the Indian constitution is associated with the functions of
  A.  The state list
  B.  The president
  C.  The union list
  D.  The concurrent list
Ans: A
The state list
16. Which one of the following is not a feature of the Indian constitution?
  A.  Federal Government
  B.  Parliamentary Government
  C.  Independence of Judiciary
  D.  Dual citizenship
Ans: D
Dual citizenship
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