Reconstruction of Sentences

DIRECTIONS : Choose the correct combination of the given words.
17. Village and small industries while requiring limited capital
(P) can provide
(Q) a variety of goods for consumption
(R) and produce
(S) employment to large numbers
  A.  PSRQ
  B.  PQRS
  C.  PRQS
  D.  PRSQ
18. The effectiveness of a film
(P) the needs of the audience
(Q) is judged by
(R) and its relation to
(S) its theme
  A.  PQRS
  B.  PSQR
  C.  QSRP
  D.  QPRS

19. I read an advertisement that said
(P) posh, airconditioned
(Q) gentlemen of taste
(R) are available for
(S) fully furnished rooms
  A.  PSRQ
  B.  PQRS
  C.  SRPQ
  D.  PSQR
20. Spiders
(P) built webs
(Q) in houses
(R) that many people fear
(S) those eight legged bugs
  A.  PQRS
  B.  PQSR
  C.  SRPQ
  D.  SPQR
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